Saturday, January 21, 2012

The good continues

Big huge commitment day for both of us today but especially for the wife.

Snuggled in bed - Good and certainly better than average.
She is awake - Unusual.  Can't sleep.  Mind racing.
I suggest let me rub or lick her and she orgasms and goes back to sleep.
We cuddle some more but nothing happening.  OK
I suggest I go inside her and she cums and I don't.
OK she says.
wow think I
She gets the lube and an old babies nappy out of the bedise table and hands it to me.
I put the lube on and she takes off her panties.
I get on top and gently slide in.
I ask if she would like to roll over (so she is on top)
She says "in a moment"
I keep going gently in and out.
Then after a while she says "OK roll over now"
Now she is on top and thrusting and I have my hands on her bottom and we kiss.
Better than it has been for ages.
She is thrusting vigorously.  For ages (read years) sex has been fragile.  With me worrying (and I think her too) that she wont get stimulated.  That of course just means that the inevitable happens.
So this time she is enthusiastic.
But then, oh no, I am losing control.
I say so and shove my hand between us and grab my penis and try to stop.
But no I come.
Luckilly she had just cum.  But only just.

Note to self for next time - better to cum insider her as she like me to cum that to sort of ruin it for both of us.

I get the nappy and release my hand and wipe up the mess.

With the lump of nappy on me, she gets on top again and rubs against it.
This is very new from conservative her.
Amazing after a few minutes, she cums again.

Then she asks me to get her a pen and paper so she can write a to do list to stop her mind going over things again and again.
Then she asks me to put the sheet over her legs.
And closes her eyes.


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