Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Renewed interest

She was being more intimate than usual last night and I was on my best behaviour.  I did some cleaning up and so on.  After the kids were in bed, we sat on the couch and watched a movie together.  (It was very boring).  In bed she was snuggly and teasy which was very nice.  She even initiated some kissing.  Then she said "I think we need you to hold off till morning"  That got my attention.  She continued to stroke my penis which meant I was very very turned on.  At one stage, I said "Can I roll over" because I wanted to rub against the bed and she said no stay on your back and no touching.  We chatted a little even though we were both tired.  At one stage I said "you know I would enjoy it if you teased me by only letting me cum occasionally" and she reminded me that after a week I tend to get grumpy.  I said that I was equally frustrated with my lack of self control in that regard.

We talked a little about how I would like to be whipped.  The physicality of it is cathadic and intimate.

We also talked about how I get real fulfilment when she cums.  Even when I don't.

I think she feels some kind of obligation to have sex with me and that if I con't cum then that some how means I am not excited by her and that somehow that means she is less of a person.  I thinkk there is more discussion to be had here for each of us to understand each other better.

I said "when I don't cum, I feel more energetic and awake and I think about her and sex all the time".

Then she laughed and said  again "yes but it's not worth it because after a week you just get grumpy and on edge".  I was not thinking strait because I was so turned on having, actually having a discussion about sex with my wife and I reiterated how I felt wak about my lack of self control.

She then said   "if we do this, then if you get grumpy, then it is no sex and no touching and no talking and no interest and no nothing from me for one week the first time and two weeks the second time".

Gosh I was both aprehensive and excited at the same time.

Then she said "time to sleep".

I awoke remembering that at one stage she had said "hold off till morning" but also remembering the subsequent discussion.  So wondering what would happen.  She was still asleep and the time for me to get up was fast approaching.  I tentatively stroked her back and bottom.  She rolled onto her back which I took as a hint to stop.  I lay beside her.  My arm and leg touching hers.  I was really turned on and would loved to have sex right then but she was still half asleep.  She then rolled tward me and started troking my penis.  Man I was turned on.  She did this for quite a while with her eyes closed.  The time to get up arrived and I was faced with a dilema Stay and enjoy, get up and go or push the point of sex buy trying to get her turned on.  The problem was resolved when she said, still with eyes closed "remember the discussion last night" and I said "yes".  she said "well I think it's time you were on your way".

And that has meant that all morning at work, I have thought of nothing but her and sex and her again.

I wonder how and where we go from here.