Friday, November 2, 2012

plastic pants again

She is not wanting sex.
I put on plastic pants and wore them all night and then she rubbed me to climax.


  1. Your wife rubbing you to climax is a good thing, right? Or maybe not. It sounds like she wanted you to be happy and pleasured, but there is a disconnect between what turns her on and what turns you on.

    I'm sure I could be way off base here, as I am not super familiar with your particular relationship. I'm just giving my initial opinion on my reading of the plastic pants situation.

    I am a female dominant in a relationship with a man who does NOT want to be led. So, I know all about sexual disconnect :)

  2. Hi Crystal,
    I think she wants me to be happy. I think she thinks that happyness = climax (Orgasm cumming).
    I think she enjoys sex when we cum together.
    I do not think she understand that I get enjoyme t from the idea of tease & denial. I just think she has no comprehension of that.