Thursday, September 27, 2012


On holidays with our kids and another family and their kids. 

I have found this to be a great time to be submissive in terms of going with her schedule as she has organised where we are going and what we are seeing and so on and at the same time there are plenty of guy things to do.  From things that require strength like carrying suitcases & packing the car to physical things where the girls just want to sit and watch and guys like to do things.

I guess too because of the close confines there is not really the opportunity to have sex means that I do not get my expectations up and then get frustrated and disapointed when it does not happen.

At the same time, she has responded by stroking my penis and whispering in my ear about how this is a good time to hold off.  All words and attention I crave.

I have enjoyed making BBQs and getting kids through showers.  I had to smile self righteously (I confess) when our friends car ran out of fuel.  When we are travelling, we will stop for lunch and while the kids play in the park and my wife makes a picnic, I will go and fill up the fuel and check the oil and tyres.  And then later in the trip, in the middle of nowhere their car overheated and again I was able to do the guy thing and get them going.  But even in the middle of this, we needed water and I am wondering what to do and my wife gathered up all the water bottles and even picked up a few that had been littering the side of the road and climbed a gate and went to a local farm and filled them with water.  I joined her on this expedition and then roped all the kids into doing more trips until the radiator was filled and the engine running and off we went.  So a way for her to lead and me to follow and at the same time a way for the primitive guy in me to rise up and do its thing (fixing cars)

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