Monday, November 26, 2012


We went to a friends house for a BBQ on saturday night.

BBQs are a man thing.  The girls sit around and chat and the guys cook. 

The particular BBQ was one of those ones which has a solid plate for half and then a grill for the other half.  On the grill side, some fat that had come out of the meat caught fire.  There were some very spectacular flames.  Well the poor fellow wife was so derogatory making negative comments about burning the meat and so on.  As an interesting aside, the meat was the best tender steak I had had in quite a while.

It was nice to consider that putting people down just does not help.  It showed a lack of trust on her part.  Here he was serving her and she just had to be lets be honest a bitch.  To me there is a big difference between taking control and putting down.

Another interesting observation.  At the end of the night another big masculine fellow got into the kitchen and started on the dishes.  My wife whispered to me that I should join him.  That was fun.  In I went.  It was so not 1950's.

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