Monday, November 12, 2012

Diary Of A Submissive

The lady author of 50 shades of grey has written a book that I understand is a sort of autobiography called "Diary Of A Submissive".

My wife has bought a copy.

Maybe we are both submissive?
Maybe she will get a clerer idea of dominance and submission.

A very exciting development. 

I told her I want to read it too.

We wait and see.

I can't wait.

:)  (What the emoticon for grin?)


  1. Just think if your wife also turns out to be submissive. All the fun you cold have with the possibilities.

    A Mistress for both of you.
    A Master for both Of you
    A Mistress for you wife and A Master For You.
    A Master for your wife and A Mistress for you.

    Oh what fun

  2. The mind boggles. Although I have to say my motivation is to sub to her. Cleaning someone elses house does not do it for me I am afraid. :)

    We will see. I am hopeful that she will be more open minded, more aware of the idea that there are alternatives to the current political correctness of the idea of 'equality' when clearly there are differences.

    We wait and see.