Sunday, November 18, 2012


She has been reading a book called "Diary of a submissive"

In bed she talked a bit about what she had read and mentioned that there were special points where the effect of the cane was special.  I don't remember the words exactly.

You could cane me.

She said "go and get the cane"

I said "before we do that lets talk about the other person- The dominant person"

We had a discussion where I basically said I felt I was playing both parts.  Initiating the caning was taking the dominant role and then receiving it was being submissive.

I still don't think she really gets it.

Anyway she ended up caning me a few strokes and then sat beside me on the bed all quiet.

I said what are you doing and she said I cant hurt you.  Oh well I thought.  A pity but I don't know what to do.

I said something along the lines of "don't worry I'll tell you if there is a problem but we are here and lets try it
  So she hit me a few more times.
She said is that enough and I said go round to the other side of the bed and try it that way.  Do it as hard as you can and don't ask me if it is enough.  Just do as many as you like.  Its that challenge thing.

So she did and it hurt and there were a couple of welts on the tops of my legs too.

Then she stopped and lay beside me.  She pulled back my undies and then started to say she was sorry.  I said don't be.

A pity but she just does not seem to get it and is too concerned with hurting me.

But it was nice and thanks for trying.

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  1. Don't give up yet.... gently put the cane into your bedroom routine... wait for chances when she really is bothered by something you do.... harness her anger to your need to be spanked. And do what she really wants to make her inclined to do the same.