Tuesday, November 27, 2012


She still has not let me cum.

It's weird isn't it. 

I could jump in the shower and masturbate.  But I don't.

It's weird isn't it.

I asked her to do this.

Gosh I want to cum.

But I do enjoy the challenge.


  1. You are very fortunate to have persuaded your wife to let you serve her so. I have tried for a very long time but not been able to be so persuasive, and so I tend to live vicariously through others such as you and your experiences. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. Welcome to the ever-growing club of men who have attached themselves to women who enjoy controling the sexual functions of their husband or boyfriend. I"m glad to hear that you have made the choices you have. Isn't it frustratingly fun?

  3. Thanks guys for the responses.

    Frustratingly fun - absolutely

  4. See you seem to be finally realizing that she is starting to dominate you pretty good for a quite woman. She may not be beating the crap out of you but unless you are a pain slut like myself it is generally overrated.

  5. It is still haphazard.
    I think she really comes at this from an ultruistic perspective. She is doing it for me rather than for herself. I think also she is doing it so I remain happy and she I think is on edge about me sometimes getting grumpy / moody etc.

    It would be great if moodyness / bad behaviour etc resolted in a really hard corporal punishment. She says that I would simply enjoy that and in a way thats true but if painful enough and without any way of saying enough I think it would be a great way to help me be more self controlled.

  6. Are you sure that the reason your wife is moody and grumpy is not that she has to do these things to keep YOU happy? What are you doing to make HER happy?

  7. Hi MsNaydi,
    My wife is not moody. I would have to confess to being the moody one. But you are absolutly right in that there is that concern about her "having to do things to make me happy" and asking the question of what do I do to make her happy.

    I think it is a vicious circle. If I get moody because I do not perceive her as having done XY or Z then I become self absorbed rather than focussing on her.

    So your comment is a good wake up for me and I do need to consciously focus on her and as a thought that your comment has just prompted as a mind training thing, whenever I am feeling moody or hardly done by and blaming her for lack of attention or lazyness, I should make an extra effort to do something for her.

    She is sleeping, I will go right now and make sure the kitchen is clean and get ready to cook her breakfast when she arises.

  8. Denied orgasms great how about some form of locked chastity with her in control of the key naturally?

  9. Hi Pantyslave,
    I think we are a long way from locked chastity. I suspect the idea would freak her out. I also get the impression that she thinks submissive means weak and I suspect that a chastity device would just confirm that.

    But you never know....