Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dance for me

Just when I think its all a bit hum drum, she come out with something exciting.

I had taken off most of my clothes and put them in the hamper in the bath room and walked back into our bedroom in my underwear.  She was lieing on the bed.  She whisteld to me and then when she had my attention she said dance.  So I gyrated a little.  Felt really awkward.  Take them off slowly and sexually she said refering to my underpants.  So feeling really odd / strange / out of place, I attempted to slowly remove my underpants.  Attempting probably not too successfully to be sexy, twirled them around my finger and sent them through the air to the corner of the room.  Keep dancing she said.  Gee I was feeling weird.  But I tried. 

Then she said I could hop into bed.
I was both turned on and felt uncomfortable.
We cuddled.
She said to put on a condom.
Then she got on top and worked herself on.  wow.  usually she gets me to come in from ontop and then rolls us over.
Then she moved herself up and down and it was not long before she came.

She lay on top of me.
I had my hands on her bottome (which she likes) After a while I said are you going to cum again.
"no" she said.
"Can I cum" I asked.
"no" she said.
and pulled off and lay beside me on her back and went to sleep


  1. "no" she said,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you ran through his head.