Saturday, February 4, 2012

6 days and a light smack

My wife was out at a function she organised last night. 
She got home at 11pm to a clean house.
Kids in bed sleeping.
Dishes done.
Lounge tidy.
Husband had had a nap and was awake and sociable when she arrived.  (typically I fall asleep during the evening)

I lay in bed.  She had a quick shower.  When she came into the bed room from the shower she was naked and carrying the leather belt (everything else had been put in the dirty laundry basket).  She playfully slapped it down on me and said roll over.  Then a few more smacks with it.

Then she got into bed.  I have to confess I would have enjoyed more but the real nice part about this was that I had not asked, cajoled or anything.  We cuddled.  I was turned on.  Would loved to have had sex but have made a personal commitment to myself to not ask for sex or even raise it as a subject and see if she gets some libido back.

Got up early this morning.  To avoid wishing too much for sex, went to the gym.

She is currently sleeping.


  1. I'm sure that she knew just how much you wanted sex last night and this morning.

    Your keeping quiet told her that this was about her being happy. I'm sure that the next time she feels like sex you will be very well rewarded for your good behaviour.

    The spank was special too because it shows that this is becoming win-win, and so she is happy to make an effort for you.

    I hope that this healthy dynamic continues. Good luck!

  2. I love it when my wife does things like that to me. The other night, I was lucky enough to have her spank my cock and balls several times. She also added a very hot dose of verbal humiliation. This left me on the verge of Cumming. Any time she does things like that it turns me into putty in her hands!