Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tease and denial

She was out late last night.

I cooked dinner with the kids and cleaned up.

When she came home, she hopped into bed and rubbed my penis.  I rolled onto my front and 'spooned' is that the word her hand and the bed.  At one stage she smacked my bottom a few times. 
I stroked her back and bottom and I asked if she would like me inside her and she said 'no'. 

She said for me to just enjoy what she was doing for me and not to try to turn her on as she was too tired.

I asked if I could put on a plastic bag and cum and she said 'no not tonight'.  smile.

So we continued for a few minutes.  I was hard and she dug her fingernails into my penis which was painful and stimulating.

Then she said "that's enough and don't wake me in the night".

So its early morning and I figured get up or I will wake her wanting sex.
She is sleeping in bed and I am about to go put away the dry dishes and prepare breakfast.

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