Monday, February 6, 2012

Fun sex sunday

After a fun but sexually tense Saturday my wife let me cum on Sunday morning.  Early before church and the kids were still sleeping.  She said she wanted me on top and she wanted me to cum. 

We discussed holding off and it just being for her pleasure.  She said she still wanted me on top.  I asked about putting on two condoms and she said "if you must".  This was not a good response fo rme to hear but I guess I was not listening to her.  So I put them on and put on some lube and pressed gently in.  We moved together and then she said to roll over.

We rolled over and continued and then she said OK back with you on top.  I think she needed to time on top to get turned on.  The with me on top we kept going and she came.  I was so turned on.  I lay on top and asked if I was too heavy and she said no. just comforting.

I felt her tightening on my still erect penis.  I was very turned on.  I started to move inside her again.  She said "I really want you to cum".  I said I had better take the condoms off.  She said "Do you think you could come with them on?".  I said "right now I could I am so ready".  She said "I want you to come now with the condoms on".  So it took only a few more seocnds and we came together.

Then lay beside each other and went back to sleep.

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