Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Too much sex

Last night my wife said to me that she likes doing things that do not involve sex or talking about sex.

We had just sat together and watched a DVD.  She said that was nice.  She also said that she enjoy it when we go for walks together in the evening.

I asked if she thought we had more or less sex than other people.
She replied that we probably have less sex than average.
Then she said well then you had better put it in me.

I think we have a different definition of sex.

Being chaste is a two edge sword.  On the one hand being chaste means 'no sex' - just what she wants and yet I am of course 'thinking about sex' all the time. 

So for me being chaste is intently sexual and very different to being womanless where sex could not happen. 

BTW we did not end up having sex.  I hope she enjoyed the evening and slept well.  I am of course up and out of bed because if I stayed in bed I would eventyally wake her through snuggling. 

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