Monday, February 13, 2012

Just once a week

Last night (sunday night) we watched a movie together and then went to bed.  I was really turned on and asked for sex.  Yes I know I had made a personal commitment not to.  She said no.  Not tonight.  The discussion continued and was fun.  At one stage I asked how long and she said a week.  Two weeks if I am grumpy.

Be careful what you ask for comes to mind.

There is also a sort of freshness wash over me.  Knowing that I will not be getting release means I can put energy into other things and not get in this incessant loop of expectation leading to frustration.

It is I think also a win - win.  She does not get pressured for sex.  I have to struggle in a fun way to resist the urge.  If we do engage in physical activities, I can enjoy just focussing on her and it is really good for both of us if she cums.  I enjoy lying on my back with her on top and enjoying herself.

Lets see how we go.

Then this morning, we cuddled and she asked how I slept.  I said "pretty good".  she said she was worried I might not sleep well after being denied release.  I said "I will get used to it"

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