Thursday, February 9, 2012

Girl with Dragon Tattoo

The wife and I watched the US version of the Girl with the dragon tattoo last night.

From my point of view, and that point of view being a guy with a submissive kink, there was a good FLR aspect to the film that seemed totally lost on my wife.

Female lead is strong, fights for her rights, technically competent and really cool.
  • She ride a motor bike.
  • When some guy does a bag snatch she chases him, fights and takes the bag back,
  • A really nasty public servant fellow is basically blackmailing her into doing sexual acts and rapes her.  She videos an act then next time jumps him with a tazer, ties him down, gives him some of his own medicine, turns the tables on him and basically uses her video evidence and fear to force him to sort out some legal issues she has with the government.
  • She is a computer wiz (Typically this is a male role)
  • And in all of this we see that she is human.  This is not a James Bond role.  She has feelings, gets hurt, falls in love just like anyone.
  • Toward the end of the movie, she dons a disguise, travels independantly and ripps off the bad guys to the tune of billions of dollars and does not get caught.
  • All the way through she is portrayed as principled and yet carrying emotional burdens.
  • She looks after an elderly male who is her previous carer.
  • She has girl on girl sex and at a later time initiates girl - guy sex.

Then we have the male lead - He is good too.  Competent and so on.

He is having an affair with his female coworker.  The affair has wrecked his marriage but she has maintained her marriage - Indication of female strength I'd say.

So two strong female roles.

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