Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cant sleep

Cant sleep.
Would love sex.
Got up (that being got out of bed)
Have this sort of need to shrug my shoulders feeling that tends to happen but after a few days of abstinance it goes.


  1. Just found your blog. I'm a female whose husband has, in the past year, confessed that he would like me to dominate him sexually. We've been making efforts and playing, but there have been ups and downs. I'm reading your blog to get more of a male perspective, because he isn't very communicative about his desires.
    As a woman trying to navigate these new waters, I'll say that it isn't easy to be dominant. For example, I love the idea of denying my husband orgasm, but then I feel guilty that he's not "enjoying" it. If I get over that guilt, and just force him to go without until I allow him (maybe 3 days or so to start), then what is he really getting? Won't he get bored? Frustrated? Will he just lose interest if he's having sex but only cumming when allowed? Also, there are ways I'd like to punish him, but he doesn't like pain. For example, I would love to take a crop to his balls, and slap them a little, or whip his ass until it's red. I'd LOVE it if I made him please me orally for an hour or more. But won't he get bored? These are all things I try to ask him but he's not very talkative, and he doesn't really give good answers. I'll keep reading your blog to get more ideas. I need more ideas on how to express my dominance over my husband, and get exactly what I want, while still making sure that I am understanding his needs as a submissive man. Thanks for your blog!

    1. Hi there anonymous,

      Well it sounds like at the very least you are communicating and that I think is a really important thing. I realise that you said he is not very talkative. Maybe he is embarrassed about this topic. On the other hand maybe he wants you to take control in the bedroom and feels that talking would be him controlling. So perhaps spank him and yes do get him to pleasure you orally for an hour then talk. I imagine there are some enjoyable times ahead for both of you. If you keep communicating then I imagine there would be no need to feel guilty.

      You mention bored and frustrated. An hour flys past in a moment if you doing something enjoyable. I can really only speak from my perspective but if my wife were to actively get into that dominant space then I would enjoy it. Absolutely there would be sexual frustration. Read sexual tension. It's like what happens when you flirt. For me it's an enjoyable frustration.

      Personaly a crop to my balls would not do it for me but IF that did it for my wife then I would most certainly endure it. A crop to my back side would be great. To me a key part woud be my wife deciding how many and how hard.

      There are several blogs buy submissive guys linked at the side of my blog. Read and enjoy. Then go home and enjoy your husband and strengthen your marriage with a good whipping.