Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dont want to make decisions

This is a bit of a random rambling post today.

Currently I find that I do not want to make big decisions.
By big I mean buying a car, selecting a builder to do an extension on our house.  Even sketching out what the extension should be.  Actually it trickles down. Buying clothes.  It would be just so much easier if she went and bought me new clothes.

Now that I think about it, I do not want to make any decisions at all.

Now that is just a pile of lazy excuses and I need to build a bridge and get over it.

I think that I and probably other guys sexualise things.....a lot.
So being indecisive about decisons translates to gee would'nt it be nice if she made all the decisons right down to what I wear and when I get to have sex bla bla.

Next a comment on understanding others-
The writer of "At all Times" has a heart wrenching posting here that for me epitomises a relationship where the wife loves the husband but just does not get it.

And topping from the bottom
Most of the blogs I read about husbands wishing to be submissive I think really are husbands wishing for more adventurous, more intimate, more interdependant relationships.  I suspect that others like me have found that over time, the wives seem to have lost interest in us or in sex and that this submission thing is a way to try and compensate.  To get back in, to get her interest.  In a way when she is off having coffee with her girl friends, laughing, giggling etc.  We do not seem to do that.  I want that.

So today I am feeling middle of the road.  OK.  I cooked dinner last night and that was good.  We had a miscommunication and that was bad.  She had rented a sexy DVD.  A surprising activity in its own right as in a way because we are Christians and regulaly attend church, I think she would see this as not exactly right, boardering on porn even though it was from a regular video shop.  Anyway she got it and brought it to me and handed it to me.  I asked if she was going to watch it with me and she said "Yes".  What she did not say was 'not tonight'.  So here I was expecting and I did not get it and so there was a feeling of deflation at the end of the night.  The DVD unwatched.  Me wasting time waiting for her.

Yet in this kinky world.  Communication is everything.  In the vanilla world it is too but just not so recognised.

So I need to find a way to minimise the occurances of mis communication with the missus.  :)

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