Wednesday, June 13, 2012

light and fun

The last post regarding decisions was a bit heavy.  Prior to writing that post, I had been planning this post in my head.

Last night on our way home from that fateful non decision, we stopped into the supermarket.  She had to return some product and get a refund.  Gee I am glad she did that.  That is another thing I find difficult to do.  Mind you I am quite happy to do the same with a computer or a motor.  Things I know about so I can tell the sales person whats wrong and why they should give my money back.  Anyway, I took the shopping list and nipped round the store and picked up the items, queued and as I did so, I realised that she had finished her dealings and was just reading the local paper at the returns counter.  Nice to see she felt that she did not have to supervise my shopping.  As we neared the car, I ducked ahead and opened her door with a grin and made some smart but light remark like "your carriage mam" and held the door while she got in.  As she got in she said "thank you sir" with a smile on ger face.

I am trying the servant thing in a light hearted way.

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