Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tease and Denial

I would love it if my wife would engage in tease and denial but it seems that she would like us to cum together.  So for now that is what I am concentrating on when we are in bed together.

Now many FLR blogs including mine are quite focussed on the male sexual side.

So I muse over why tease and denial may be considered bad.

I saw a TV program some years back where a female student zoo keeper had gotten some animals to breed.   These were some sort of wild 4 legged dog, cheetah, tiger type animal.  Zoos apparantly had had very little success in getting this particular specis to breed.  They would get males and females and shove em in together and nothing would happen.  The girl student got the zoo to separate them so they could see each other but were separated by a couple of fences and a no mans land.  What do you know but they started to take an interest in each other and would howel and bark across the no mans land.  Then when they were allowed in the one enclosure, well they got right down to business.  - Tease & denial?

In high school and at university, I was involved in various christian church groups.  There was an overt recognition of sexuality which I believe is good.  There was also a strong emphasis on staying pure until mariage.  No sex until marriage - Tease & Denial.  Sure.

So within mariage it seems though that the message that my wife has is that she should give me sex pretty much whenever I want it.

Yet I suspect that the what would make for a closer relationship is some tease and denial.  get to the point of really really wanting it rather than get it because you can and it's easy.

The other things I need to work out is when I mention abstinance, I suspect she wonders what is wrong with her that I do not want sex with her and also there are times when I do not get sex and I do get grumpy.  She does not like me grumpy (neither do I) so she will engage in sex to counter that.  To me a negative reason to have sex and in a way  just reinforces my [unwanted] behaviour.

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