Friday, June 1, 2012

Ah sex

So I decided to give up on the chastity thing for now.  I had hoped that chastity would be a way for her to have enjoyable sex because I would be focussed on her etc etc.  Read all about it over like the last year of posts.

Actually when I thought about it, I had equated FLR with chastity and gotten so fixated on the frustrations of chastity that I had forgotten about her. 

I think she thinks the abstaining chastity thing is weird so we will try to put that to the side for a while.

I will try to focus on her.  The submissve thing still interests me greatly.  So I am going to try to focus on the following positives
- listening to her.
- responding to her
- helping around the house.

I suspect she may have felt that the whole submissive thing meant no more romance and just mecanical sex when she specified it.

So I will try to ensure that there is some proactive romance and if that leads to sex then so much the better.

So on to the personal - last night, in bed, cuddle thats nice then she falls a sleep.  As she does.  Now normally that really frustrates me.  Figured just let it go.  Lets take it easy for a bit. 

In the morning.  It's an early start for me and I wake like an hour and a half beforehad.  Hmm what to do as I of course want sex.  I cuddle up from behind.  She eventually wakes and I run my hand up her bare theigh and leave it at the top of her leg.  Would like to put it between her legs but do not wish to 'go the grope'.  She falls asleap again and then wakes after a short doze.

I lie back on my back and doze too.

Then she puts her hand on my erect penis.  Oh oh la.  Then she asks 'do I want sex' and I answer.  'Yes I always want sex but I am happy to cuddle'.  It then just flowed from there.  She rubbed me and then began to suck me and tease me.  Oh that is so nice.  Then she reached into the bedside table and got out the lube and spread it on to my penis and moved her fingers up and down.  'That is so so nice' I say.

Then she lies back on her back with her legs apart.  She says she wants me to come in from on top. So I do.  So yes I would love her to just push me down and jump on from on top but I am trying the just listen and respond to her tack here.  So I very gently get on top and start to push in slowly and just like the head of my penis.  In and out trying t tease her and not turn it into a quickie.  So yes a quick trust and cum would be nice for me but we are trying to get her to enjoy this sex thing.  Gradually I go further and further in and I can feel occasionally some movement from her.  This is interspersed with some kissing too.

Then we roll over and pull a sheet over us as it is quite chilly.  She moves up and down and so do I from under.  I ask where she 'would like my hands' and she says 'back and bottom is great'.  I am always on a knife edge as so often she does not get turned on.  But then it gets more intese.  Thngs are looking good here and she cums and then relaxes on me.  She mentions that she would like me to cum with her and I say well we will have to do it all again and see what happens.  grin.

After a while she starts to tighten herself over my still hard penis.  Then she starts to move.  She pushes up with her hands on top of me.  I push her PJ top up and she does not object.  Her breasts are dangling in front of me.  She is moving and I am of course still turned on.  I put my hands on her breasts and push up on them and ask 'is that ok' and she says yes.  I love the feel of them.   I can feel her starting to trust harder so I do the same and then I cum and I think she came and she lies back on me and we both doze.

Then its time to get up.  Quick shower.  Grab breakfast cerial.  Running late.  In car.  Take kid to before school sport training.  On way observe beautiful sunrise.

Now at work.

Can you think of a better way to start the day. 

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