Monday, June 4, 2012

Not much happening in the overt submissive department

Concentrating on my awareness or awakening that FLR did not equal chastity which probably does not make for titilating reading.

Just ensuring that I listen to what she says and asks and hints and do it.  Try to preempt by doing as much as I can.  Not leaving mess around. 

Had sex again and she wanted us to cum together.  I had been holding off so she would cum and she did so we got to do it all again.  It is very hard to syncronise when one is concentrating on her.  If I were to have a quickie, I would cum in 2 seconds.

A musing about women and short skirts.  In church the other day there was a 17yo teen who used to attend regularly but whom we had not seen in a while.  She was wearing a short flouncy skirt and of course this attracted my attention.  As old men who stare tend to be regarded with suspicion, I was concious not to and got back to concentrating on the tasks at hand.  Later mused as I sat in traffic, why is it that teen and early twenties girls dress attractively / sexilly? at least in an attention getting way and when they get toward 40 they go into a really don't care sort of look. 


  1. I just found your blog, and have to tell you that after reading just a couple of your posts it felt like I was reading a story about my own life and relationship. Your situation and feelings are exactly what I have been feeling. I look forward to reading more of your posts, and am glad I have found someone in the same place as me.


  2. In answer to your last post, it's pretty obvious. Teenagers are just coming in to realizing their sexual power, and becoming adults. They are also in the prime age group for trying to attract a partner. They dress so as to advertise their sexual availability and fertility to potential partners.

    Women in their 40s and above already have completed that stage. They have had all the children they want, perhaps, and have found partners. Sexuality is no longer "awakening." They already have realized their sexual power.

    Think of people and their sexual development as many animals. New adults have a biological need to seek and find a partner and reproduce in order to continue the species.

    Older adults are into the nurturing phase, and older women do not have to reproduce any more. Once the childbearing years are over, women are free to have recreational sex without fear of conceiving. And they do.

    Men, on the other hand, are always seeking ways of spreading their seed around, and nubile women attract their attention. Once men become old enough, their need to impregnate lots of different women wanes, and they find recreational sex is more aligned with love.

    I really do enjoy your blog!

  3. Hi MsNaydi,
    Thanks for the female insight. Nice to hear what is probably obvious but sometimes it is good to hear it (or read it) as a reminder. The feamale remains though a confusing being for us guys and any and all insights are welcome.

    Hi mslave32
    Thanks for the message. I do feel lonely at times and it is nice to 'share the feeling'. I look forward to reading more on how your life develops.