Monday, June 25, 2012

How to be submissive and strong

I suspect (funny that) that women do not want ditsy, feminine (not being disrespectful) men.

Yesterday the kids and I were getting ready to go for a bike ride and we were getting some back packs out to put drinks and a snack in.  The idea was to take just a couple of back packs and take turns carrying them.  My daughter said something along the lines of they (meaning the boys) won't want to wear a pink back back with fairies on it.

Hmm I thought.  I wonder.  I bet some of them secretly would.

My daughter is quite fine with associating herself with pink, with dresses and other things traditionally considered feminine.  At the same time, she rides a bike and does other physical activity.

I note that a search on google for phrases that include men & tights or the such will bring up many hits that are basically male fantisy about men being being forced 'oh gosh' giggle giggle to wear womens clothing.

As far as I can see not really a thing that terribly many women are into.

Pity.  Would be fun.

So anyway I suspect that my wife anyway wants a strong competent man.  Mind you at the same time, she wants to arguing.  In fact the idea that there is even anything to argue about I do not think even crosses her mind.  She is the keeper of the calender.  She decides the social activities.  She is appreciative if my doing the male things - Keeping the cars running, fixing tap washers and changing light bulbs. 

We had sex on the weekend.  It seems that sex is only when she is in the mood.  She does not respond to me or my advances.  It was enjoyable in its own way but I have this feeling of walking on egg shells.  That one wrong touch, one wrong word, and she does not get turned on, goes cold.  I like for her to enjoy sex and I try to be patient and not push things.  I wish that we could be more open and less uptight.  But it seems that any discussion about submission or kinky stuff like I enjoy the feeling of plastic or bodage just can not be.  If we discuss these, then in general she gets turned off more than on.

Mores the pity.


  1. This post hit a chord with me. I, too, like a man to be male. To be a man. I don't want a man that imitates being a woman, or one that secretly wants to. If I was a lesbian, maybe, but I am not. Plus I enjoy being a girl. I like pink. I like ruffles. I like fairies. And I like a strong, protective, self-confident man. With strong, slow hands, and muscular legs, and...whew, I am getting myself worked up. OK, what I MEANT to say is, I like this post and I hope you and your wife get in synch regarding sex. Hang in there!

  2. I couldn't agree with the above comment more. And besides, you need to be the person you are. I don't think its possible to change from one personality type to another and enjoy the person you are. You just need to be you and it is the 'you' that your wife fell in love with. Hopefully the D/s will just help make your bond even stronger.