Monday, June 11, 2012

She is on her period so no chance of sex.  Well as it turns out the definition of sex is wider than some might like to think.  A fact highligted by Mr Clintons downfall.  I subscribe to the wide definition myself.

So it's Monday morning and a public holiday.  We were out the night before but not all that late but anyway we are sleeping in.  I contemplete getting up early and of all things going into work.  But I choose the sleep in and cuddle option.  So by 10am we are up having brunch.  What happened in between.

Well around 7, I run my hands down her back and discover she is wearing control briefs.  That nice tight feeing that I do so love.  I am curious because in days gone by I have tried to get her to wear them in bed and she has for a few minutes and then taken them off complaining they are too tight and they hurt.  Anyway, I enjoy the feeling and she snuggled up to me and then eventually turns onto her front.  This is a good sign so I patiently run my hands up her back over her nightie, and across her bottom and occasionally onto the bare skin at the ups of her legs.  Gradually this gets more intese and enjoyable and she puts a hand of her own between her legs.  This is good.

Then it escalates.  She rolls onto her back and says "How would you like to play with my breasts".  Game on.  I un button her nightie and start to caress and then suck on one breast while gently touching the other.  She asks how I am liking this and I reply very much I enjoy the physical and the talking.  She ends up with one hand between her legs and the other touching her breast as I suck on the breast and the finger while touching the other.

She cums and then lies back.  

Time passes.

Then I start a conversation.  I say I would like to tie her to the bed sometime.  This is a risky conversation to start but I figure lets see.  Hmm she says.  I try a slightly different tack.  "tell me how you would like things to go if you were tied to the bed"  She answers "Well I would have to be a little turned on even before you tied me down.  Then you (meaning me) would run your hands gently between my (her) legs teasing me and just when I was going to cum you would stop.  This is good I am thinking.  She understands there is fun with tease and denial.  She goes on to say it is nice to have someone totally focussed on the others enjoyment and the other totally at their mercy.   Would you want to cum I ask.  yes definately she said it would be a bit of a downer if it lead to nothing.

Well all that sounded good.  The best bit was that as she was talking she was getting turned on again and pressed herself onto my leg.  I rubbed and then every now and then would take my hand and leg away and do nothing for a moment and then start to touch close but not right there and then gradually trying to get closer slowly.  To tease out the tease.  Finally she came again.  Then she said it was so hard not to just put her hand between her legs when I stopped teasing her.

Then she asked if she was to tied me down would I be face down or up.  I responded well that would depend on whether I was to be whipped or just teased.  I would imagine that it would be fun to be face up with you on top ejoying your self.  Maybe you could start with me face down and whip me and then roll me over.  I don't think I would like to be whipped if I came first and then had to be rolled over."

We just lay there her head on my shoulder and dozed again.

Then we got up, showered and brunch.  Luckilly the kids had sorted out their own breakfast.  But they joined us for round two.

And that is a good way to start a public holiday.

So maybe, just maybe, we can entice her along the road to some things more kinky.  Slightly.

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