Wednesday, September 5, 2012

6 months

Last night she said we might try for 6 months.
I said wow that will be a challenge.
She then stroked my penis a bit and dug her nails in once and then said OK now sleep and do not disturb me.

In the morning I asked if she was really going to make me wait 6 months.
She said well see one day at a time.
I asked if she was going to take the lead and she said only in the bed room in the rest of our lives I want a partnership.

An interesting thought given that she basically already decides everything else in our lives.

But I am enjoying the physical intimacy at the moment.
And the challenge of remaining without cumming. 
Thats not to say I do not want sex.  I very much do want sex.  I want the intimacy.  The feeling that I have done something for her - brought her to climax.


  1. You are going to need a chastity device to last 6 months. Something like a CB 6000. Personally i don't need one having had my testes removed and only able to obtain a half erection.

  2. Hi Pantyslave,
    We wait and see. I doubt if she would be interested and in anycase honesty and self control are good traits.