Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Last night (monday night) we hopped into bed.

I am conscious that she likes slow and not push so I was careful to not make it look like I wanted sex.  Offerred her a massage which she kindly accepted and rolled onto her tummy.  As she lay beside me, her hand conatcted my penis and she started to dig her nails in.

She talked (which I love) about how she just has to toch me and I am instantly hard and yet she takes ages of gentle interaction to get turned on.

Then she dug her fingernails in hard and it hurt.  I mean really hurt.  She asked if I liked it and I replied 'yes' 'it's a challenge and it stimulates' and in a way the good feelings remain afteward.  That is while you are doing it really hard it really hurts and I am focussed on surviving if that is the right word but then after there is a 'glow' for want of a better word.

She said roll onto your back.
I did and obviously the massaging stopped.
She gripped my penis and dug her fingernails in really really hard.  It hurt like hell.  I yelped a bit.
She said she did not know whether to keep going or stop.
I said 'never doubt always keep going'  (I doubt if anything she would do would cause perminant injury or death and I really would like her to warm to being a bit more confident / extreme).
So she did.
Even harder this time. 
She started at the tip and dug her finger nails in and then moved slowly down the shaft about a cm each time and repeating it.  Each time so painful.  Such a challenge.  Such a turn on.  When she got to the bottom she retraced her steps back to the tip.  Sometimes she would hit the same spot.  So tender so painful.

Why I ask myself do I like this.
Am I weird?
Why do I envy the people in stories who are caned?
In a way there is a freedom involved when you let someone you love inflict pain on you.  I do not think I have any desire to let some random person whip me.

Then she said.  "Thats it for tonight"
I was so turned on.
So wanting sex (read orgasm release here)
So liking her attention and not wanting to spoil it.
So I lay there and tried not to push it.
Fell asleep.

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  1. Twice now your Wife has tortured your silly cock. Life just keeps getting better all the time. Hopefully soon you will be on your knees before her.