Friday, September 7, 2012

You can go another week can't you

I am so desparate.
Snuggled up to the wife early this morning.
Caressed her back and gently ran my hands over her bottom and her legs.  Feels so good.
She said "I am going to the toilet, put some lube on"
I am hard as
I take off my clothes and put the lube on.

She comes back in and lies on the bed with her legs apart.
This reminds me of when we were first married.  We were (and still are) active christians.  We believed in the submission of the wife and actually used to practice her submission.  I would say on your back, legs apart and she would do that and I would have sex with her.
So I was a little concerned that she had slipped into a "just doing my duty" mind set.

I say are you sure and she says yes and so I start to push in ever so gently.
I am sliding in and out very gently and I ask "Can I cum" and she says "how long since you came" and I said "several weeks" and she said "do you think you could go another week?" and I said "yes" and she said well that is your answer.

So I knew she was not just "doing her duty" which was great.
She then rolled us over so she was on top.
She moved and I moved and a few times, I had to hold still because I was in danger of cumming.
Then she came and lay back relaxed on me.
I asked again "could I cum".  I was I have to confess glad that she said "no!".

She has a Marina (Not sure if I have spelt that right) it is an IUD birth control device.  It is being removed today and she will be without protection for a minimum of 3 weeks. 

She said it would be too messy for the doctor to remove if I came.
and a minimum of 3 weeks before I will be allowed inside her.  Although maybe with a condom or two.

Then she pulled off, wiped herself with an old nappy that we keep in the bed side draws and got up.
I got up too.
It's a tag team thing in the morning. Showering, breakfast, dressing, getting kids ready and off to school.

But what a great way to start the day and so much sexual tension.


  1. That is really stupendous. I do wish my wife would do the same things. We are just starting this journey and she is exactly like your wife I think. The very idea of denial for me is hard for her to accept.

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    Really great to see your comment and I am glad that my blog appears to be of some use to you.

    Would love to hear how you go. Consider starting your own blog and share your thoughts. Or post more comments here.