Monday, September 3, 2012

silly fathers day low

Objectively fathers day was absolutely fanstastic.  Then why am I feeling a little down.  I had in my mind hoped that fathers day might bring a reward.  A reward in the form of an orgasm.  I had been trying really hard to be helful.

So we started the day with cuddling that turned into sex with her on top and she orgasmed and then lay there.  I went limp.  Could not believe it.  So anyway it was up and into the day.

She made a beautiful breakfast of all my favourites.
The kids had made presents and I had to hide and seek to find them.
Then we went on a drive and picnic in the country.
Back home and she made a beautiful dinner and I bathed the kids.
In bed and we snuggled and she stroked me and snuggled up and said "I hope you enjoyed the day and now your biggest present is a non present" and I asked what do you mean and she said "no sex for you".

So I guess its be careful what you hope for.

But still I am feeling a little down but I will get over it.

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