Thursday, September 6, 2012

Boys sexualise everything

Nothing happening in the sexual department.

I did washing up and wiping down.
I put kids to bed.
and so on.
and all the while I am thinking about my wife.
Yes I am trying to be helpful.  A very useful husband.
I am also wishing for a more intimate relationship.
I am wishing that she was more sexual.
Maybe she is bored with me - dont go there I just get depressed.

A final somewhat negative thought though.
What to do when I think she is wrong.
At the moment, I am taking the tack of say nothing.  Unless of course she is about to do something that will cause immediate death or injury or if she were to say start gambling the family bank acount away.  But sometimes she does things that I disagree with.  Right now I am saying nothing.  Does that make me dumb?  Who knows.

And that is that.


  1. When your wife is wrong about something, it is disrespectful to correct her in front of another person. And even if you are in private, then you should be careful in which terms you couch your correction. I prefer that my submissive partners offer their corrections as additional information I might consider. Never say, "You're wrong" or "you have failed." Those are trigger words, and never appropriate. You might say, "Consider this information before you make a decision," or "here's another way to look at it," or "here is something you might want to consider." In other words, offer your assistance, not your judgment.

  2. Thanks MsNaydi,
    Your perspective is greatly appreciated.