Monday, December 17, 2012

50 lashes and release

So yet again yesterday (Sunday) morning I got a bit moody. She just drip feeds me information on a need to know basis. In this case it was one of the kids going to a party sunday AM. The submissive side of me says thats great just tell me what I need to know. The other part of me says she should tell me. So I sulked.

Rest of the day ok / good.

Fast forward to in bed.

I do not remember the first bit of the discussion but she said to me to put my plastic pants on. I was rather hoping for some tease and denial. She did ask me about the pressure and whether I could hold out longer. The whole discussion was nice.

We talked about my moodyness in the morning and I said I felt I should receive severe punishment. So I ended up in my plastic pants with a little lube in there and lying face down with her with the electrical wire.

Then she said "Count them". This was a real surprise. I was very excited now. She lashed and I counted 1,2 3....
There was a pause at 10 and she changed to the other side of the bed.
This is very painful but amazingly the marks are quite temporary.
At 40 I lost count and she reminded me with a hit and saying 41. That was nice. Somewhere in it I said "stop I was going to cum". She said "Don't cum". That was hard because when she hit I would move and that would cause the slippery plastic to slide past my penis. Coupled with the love / hate of the whip it was very stimulating. Anyway I managed not to cum and we reached 50. I was exhausted and "luckilly" she stopped. Also around 40, she gently ran the whip across my bare back and in between my legs. Then brought it down across my back side. Very emotionally conflicting in a sexual way combining pleasure, pain, power, surprise, tension, anticipation.

At 50 she lay beside me and said put your hands down your front and rub yourself till you cum. So I did. I was bursting to cum. Yes it would have been nice for her to rub me but it was nice for her to instruct and me to comply and an orgasm thrown in. Wow.

I spent the night in the slippery plastic pants. In the morning I was still hard and very turned on. She must have been awoken by my movement and she said "Rub your self again now you have 2 minutes" Wow that got me going and I suspect less than 30 seconds and I came again.

I think it is my christmas orgasm because we are going to stay at her parents place and I think she does not want me to pester her for sex.

I wonder how long I will have to hold out now. :)

On the down side, this morning I asked how she wanted our relationship to go and she mentioned things like balance, equality. My frustration being that she is very controlling yet does not recognise it. DOes not take it into the bed room. If that makes sense.

Anyway sexually it was fun

Lets see how we go.

BTW, I am sitting at work and I can feel the dull pain / stinging in my bottom.  :)


  1. I am a little confused. If the scenario you describe was not "in the bedroom" what wa it? She certainly seemed like she was in charge and knew exactly what she was doing.

  2. Ah MsNaydi,
    I re read what I wrote and I see it is confusing. Yes the entire thing went on in the bed room. I think what I was getting at is that she is very controlling in non exual aspects of our life - she organises the social calendar, she decides what the kids wear and what we eat and all sorts of things. But in the bed room she is not overtly controlling. It may be growing on her like her actions last night showed but this morning she talked about equality etc. Badly worded I think.