Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Home Alone

It is school holidays and my wife has taken the kids to the beach for a week.

I have to work so I am home alone.

A strange empty feeling coming home to an empty house.  Now to all you chastity belt lovers being alone is when such a device would be the most valuable.

So there is not much to report on the dom sub front.

My heart goes out to the families of the victims of the shooting in the USA.  So sensless.

There seem to me to be so many sensless shootings in the US. 

It also saddens me that there is such resistance to gun laws.  Bizzare that they accept the killing that goes on.  I even heard that one suggestion was to impose a magazine size of 10 as one is hardly likley to fire off more than 10 rounds in self defence.  Apparantly the killer had a magazine that held 100 rounds.  If you have to stop to reload then that gives someone a chance to tackle you.  But apparantky the NRA even oppose that 10 round limit.

I always thought that as written, the US constitution gave the right to form a militia and bear arms.  Presumably a militia would impose discipline and control on the troops but anyway.   But they interpret it as giving individuals the right to bear arms.  I wonder why then individuals can't say own a nuclear warhead or at least a decent fighter jet.  You ever tried to buy one.  You have to go buy Russian ones.  It seems the Russians are far more commercial in that regard.  It's a bizzarre world.

I heard discussion on morning radio about 50 shades.  I may have to read it.  Could be interesting.  It is interesting to see how women have embraced it in the 100's of thousands I believe.  So while they have spent the last few years fighting for legal equality now they are reading about being submissive. 

On the other hand none of the wives I know are into it.  They all tell their husbands what to do.

I wonder whether any of my male friends sexualise it the way I do and dream of their wife becoming a dominatrix, of spanking, whipping and so on.  Of having a deep desire to serve, to sacrifice sefish orgasm to concentrate on her and so on.

We need a secret sign that only those who are in the know will recognise. 

Apparantly in the early days of christianity, people would draw half a fish in the dirt with their toe.  The Romans did not know (or perhaps care) and other christian would complete the line drawing to indicate that they were a christian.  We need a "I am a submissive and willingly spanked and chaste husband" sign and of course the "so am I" sign.

The scouts salute wth 3 fingers and shake hands with their left hands, the  ??? according to monty python lift a knee and shake hands under their knees while standing on one leg.  Just how will submissive willingly disciplined men greet each other.  Holding a tea towl over their arm while offering their wife a glass of champagne?


Have a great day guys and get back to work!


  1. You fail to mention if you have permission to masturbate while the Wife is away or if you have permission to have an orgasm

  2. ah smile, I would have thought it would be taken as a given - No Masturbating!
    I don't want, don't expect and have not requested.
    but good to clarify.

    Mind you probably the most likley time to lapse though. Home alone unsupervised.