Saturday, December 15, 2012

I have to accept

I have to accept her way as the right way even if I dont think she is right. Yesterday I got moody again. She is so self centred But that was why I changed to be submissive. I have to accept that her way and her decisions are the right way and not get moody. Luckilly she tried out the belt on me. The wire would have hurt more. But I am glad I confessed and she punished.


  1. Personally I think this is good news. All of a sudden you seem to be moving towards a daily whipping... Sometime your Mistress/Wife will be able to move on to a maintenance whipping and infractions whippings.

  2. Hi Panty Slave,
    I do hope that she will get to do a regular maintenance belting. I think the belt would be good for that because the wire is significantly more painful. I would think the belt would be a nice reminder and the wire a good punishment.

    Mind you, the bizzare thing is, that while I am being whipped I do not get turned on. You would think it was a purely sexual thing but its different in some way. I get turned on now, writing this but no sexual turn on while it is happeneing. Interesting too, I yearn to have her tie me down and use the wire. I would like her to tie me down tight so as to limit my squirming and I would like her to hit really really hard. I want it painful. More painful than I could take voluntarilly.

    Am I weird or what.

  3. No you are no more weird than other subs and pain sluts. Actually you seem to be at the beginning of becoming a pain slut and very few become turned on during the event contrary to porn but do remembering the event. Just remember play safe and have a safe word.

  4. I think about this more and more but just like I want to be physically tied down, I do not want a safe word. I do not want an out. Sounds weird. But thats the way my thoughts go.