Tuesday, May 8, 2012


So it is now I think 3 weeks since I have reached orgasm.

I have my task to finish and then orgasm.

It is interesting to ponder why it is that submissive men (just read all the blogs) want to either abstain from orgasm or have it controlled.  Maybe we see it as a gift.

I certainly see it as a challenge.
I feel weak that I can not resist in my own strength.
I know that it is possible to abstain because when I was a teenager I went to boarding school and to be caought 'wanking' was a sure fire guaranteed trip to the bottom of the social ladder.  Down with those kids who wet the bed and had a plastic mattress cover (of which I was secretly envious I should say) so I abstained.  I would go 14 weeks at a time with no masturbating.  Lots of wet dreams that were in themselves a nusance but considered in a way to be eveidence that one was not a wanker unless one had the misfortune of being labelled a wanker in which case one was snookered. 

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