Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tantric sex

Part 1

The kids were in bed and sleeping.  We sat on the lounge with some music on the stereo.  I brought her a glass of wine.  She was reading a book. 

She asked how I was going sexually and I said "Its a real challenge"
I asked if she was happy and she said "I just want to see you (meaning me) happy"
I said "well I think that we both want both of us to be happy".

I was really enjoying the conversation because it was about sex.

We had a discussion about cuming and as I read the situation, she sees it as part of the wifes duty to have sex.  I said well men don't have to have sex.  The physical pressure is just that physical pressure.  The body will release it if it gets too much.
I think that she actually gets enjoyment from me cumming.  Like a feeling of maybe value.  And that if I do not cum then maybe I do not find her attractive.

Anyway, at one stage I said can I show you something on the internet about men and sex.
She said "yes".
So I went and got my notebook computer and brought up the devotional sex web site

She took the notebook and read it for ages.
I just sat beside her reading over her shoulder.

At the end, she asked do I really get enjoyment when she cums and I don't.
I said "yes"  I really enjoy it when you cum.
She then said "You (mening me) get angry sometimes when you don't get sex"
I said "and that so disapoints me about myself"
"I feel weak if I can't abstain and I feel diapointed in myself if I do abstain but get angry"
"So it could be a loose loose situation"
"It can be a win win situation if I am focussed on you and I get encouragement from you both in terms of acknowleding the challenge and in you reaching orgasm and also I really wish that if I loose it that you punish me.  A carrot and stick"
She then just said "we'll see" and left it at that.

Ohh I so wish for more discussion
and a good flogging.

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