Thursday, May 10, 2012

draging out a post

Read a post on how male blogs tend to be very sex and chastity focussed

These are my thoughts:-

I am a guy.
Yes fascinated by chastity.  Maybe it's a guy thing?  Maybe I sort off fall back on that due a total inability to understand women and my wife in particular.

Do I want sex - Absolutely.

So do I suspect most men.  Maybe that is why it features so much in men's blogs.

For me, part of the reason I blog is as a place to 'verbalise' my thoughts and feelings.  Sex is a big part of that. 

You know from time to time we (sweeping generalisation here) hear about how men do notshare their thoughts and feelings but my experience is no one wants to know.
My male friends are really not interested and to be honest neither am I interested in their feelings.  Sport, cars, camping, boating, fishing,, politics & religeon,... the list goes on but a discussion on your personal issues - I am just not interested.

The other reason is that my experience is that if I tell my wife then she takes it negatively.  Either I am too kinky for her to cope with or she takes it as a personal criticism of her performance, sexuality or whatever.

I think that women do like a man to know how to please.

I am trying to abstain to give her space to not feel like she has to give me sex.  I would much rather she felt free of 'obligation' and that into that space would come celebration.

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