Wednesday, May 9, 2012

ahhh oops

So last night we are in bed and she passes me the lube.
I put some on and get on top and push gently in.
I ask if she would like to roll over and she says yes.
(secretly I wish she would instruct me to roll over)
She was then on top and moving up and down.
She was teasing me but at the same time I was worried that she would not cum.
I tried to do everything right.
Hands on her bum not running them all over her body,
Making positive comments about how beautiful, fit and healthy she is.
After a long long time.  Well relativly speaking in terms of our usual love making, I tentativly asked if she was going to cum.
She moved into "I am going to orgasm mode"
It's a different movement somehow.
Then suddenly I felt I was loosing control.
I lay back still.  Arms out to the side.
She stopped moving.
I tried not to but......
Oh no "I'm sorry, I came"
Then I went limp.

 She did not seem disapointed.  She commented that she thought "it would all be too much for me".
She said she had orgasmed.  Don't know when she managed that but maybe as I came.

Anyway it was fun

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