Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I was reading
http://strictjuliespanks.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/training-time.html?zx=d11bb9b85d3831f6 and it got me thinking
(And very turned on).

Firstly the connection between submissive and weak ie is a submissive man not a "real man"?
Next the connection between weakness, femininity and submission.  ie in years past women were referred to as "the weaker sex" and when I was a kid the statement "your such a girl" implied weakness whereas I would suggest now that that statement actually implies strength, confidence, competence and so on.

Next the idea of humiliation. I would love for my wife to tease me and even tease me about my submission in public.  I guess that is humiliation in a way.  It is also making a statement along the lines of I am confident in myself.  Confident in my submission.  Confident in my wife. 

Just a few thoughts.


  1. i have been forbidden access to a computer for the last few days and just catching up on your posts.

    Mistress decided that i was checking too many sites and now may only view 6 sites about subs. In reading your latest posts i feel that i must correct your use of Ausie English as pertains to a sub and should be remembered. A request for something by your Wife is not a request but an order and needs to be instantly obeyed. Don't you feel so much better now you are being denied sex and with a hint of punishments to come? It seems that it is time to occasionally address your Wife as Mistress to herself. Remember it was an Australian actor in Rumpol of the Bailey who refers to his Wife as She who must be obeyed.

  2. Mistress has just read the latest blogs and has some instructed me to write the following. Your Wife/Mistress now seems to accept that she needs to punish you as part of being a good wife. If you rush too fast and blow this the next time Mistress is in Australia she will hunt you down and flay the skin off your back and then have your balls removed so you wont be so selfish about your little clitty cock.

    P.S. Mistress would too.

  3. Hi Panty slave.
    Maybe your misterss and you should come for dinner.
    I would suggest that as my wife is not kinky, that you not dress in black leather etc. But you could talk with her about doms and subs and so on. Perhaps we could finish with you mistress tying me and whipping me and perhaps you too. Then giving my wife the whip and having her give each of a few strokes.