Monday, May 7, 2012

A goal

Let me start by saying that it seems that she has very low libido and that sex is low on her list of things that are important to her.  Unfortunatly it seems that sex is equated with husband and so I am also low.

Then she has a thing about equality.  "We should both be involved in decisions" and she has a real hangup about the word "submit".

And any comment I make is taken as reminding her of how bad she is.  On this it seems that the positive comments go un heard and the wishes on my part are taken as infinite negative critcism.  So what to do?
Say only positive comments and give up on trying to communicate my needs, desires, wants, kinks etc.

So we had a short discussion about sex and the result was a joint decision that I would not get to cum until I had completed some task.  This task is a repair task and will take a couple of weeks.  OK thats fun but I suspect she sees this as 2 weeks no sex. 

I wonder what it is with women.  From 14-25years it seems that they will almost have sex with anything wearing pants then and certainly after kids, its like they hate sex, they hate spending time with their husbands and kind of wish that their husbands will just go away and just come back when called to fix the TV or the washing machine.

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