Thursday, May 17, 2012

I wish people would comment

I wish people would comment.

I sort of came on line to chat.  Partly because it is rare for my wife to entertain discussions about sex.  I see others blog and get 8 or ten or more comments.  Yet I rarely get even one comment.  Why is that.  Is what I write so unengaging.  What is wrong with me I ask myself.  I do not seem to be able to "engage" my wife.  It is like little turns her on and talk on anything kinky is a sure fire way to switch off her libido and I do not seem to be able to engage others here either.  So I end up feeling mildly depressed, unimportant, un engaging, un appreciated.  Pretty much un everything.

If you are going to write one response this year, please write what is wrong with me.  Be honest.  Why is what I write of no interest to anyone?


  1. I won't comment as to why people dont comment as I don't know why they don't. I feel the same as you do as most that read my blog never comment either. I may get 3-400 views a day and never get a comment. At other times I'll write about a topic that peaks the interest of others and get 5-10 comments. Some bloggers like Femdom101 just got 38 comments on her last post. She just has a large following. I'd suggest you take time to post on others and develop a relationship with a few bloggers. I am more likely to comment on those blogs where they take the time to post thoughts on mine. I wish you well. Don't get discouraged. Write for yourself and not so much to see how many posters you will get.

  2. Submanhub,
    I don't get that many comments either. Not sure why. I'm-Hers gives sound advice, though, to comment on others' blogs. That has certainly generated more followers at any rate. I don't always get what prompts other people to comment. As an example, on Facebook, I will see people post the dumbest things and get dozens of comments. I suspect that in that case there is some sort of clique thing happening. I wouldn't think that applied to femdom blogging, but perhaps. Does your wife know about or read your blog? My wife has a blog, but very rarely posts and almost never comments on my own blog. I don't know why that is. But it has always been my contention that submissive males are a dime a dozen, compared to female dominant bloggers. Such is life.

  3. I don't comment much because I'm not married. When I did comment on other blogs I was told I didn't have the experience to know better, etc.