Tuesday, May 8, 2012


As we drove in the drive tonight my wife said "when you put the bin out, put that garden waste in it".  It just sounded so much in control.  The sad part is that she really has no idea how commanding and in control she is.

Did the washing up.
Put some clothes away.

Before we arrived home she told me that on Saturday (kids sport day), she and her girl friends have a date in town and I will have to be super taxi driver and that I will have to work out when the kids games are on and I may have to organise one or two of them to get lifts.


  1. Wonderful to be ordered around like that. You're a lucky one.


    1. It is wonderful to be ordered around like that but gee you have to be in the right head space. Equally for some, being ordered around can be frustrating.

      Maybe I just do not recognise it and wish for more.

      Thanks appy.