Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Domestic relaxation

I was going the extra mile tonight in the kitchen. Washing up the dishes. Tidying up the bench tops. Putting the left overs in to containers in the fridge. Tasks that I normally would not do. When I realised just how relaxed I was. A real feeling of calmness washed across me.

So I thought I would write this while I was feeling it and now off to read to kids and put them the bed.

The wife is out tonight.


  1. yes, I know exactly how you felt. I was amazed too. I use to be thinking "why am I the one doing BLANK", but when we x-fered into a D/s relationship, I was amazed how it just went away and in it's place was contentment, peace, and something new I called disparity pleasure or submissive pleasure. It was a wonderful discovery. Enjoy!

  2. I feel the same way. There is a certain pleasure in doing house work, or for that matter almost any job that Mistress requires. Like S-H says there is a feeling of contentment that comes with service.

    Mistress always inspects my work. If satisfied she puts her foot out for me to kiss.
    Usually there is a 'good boy' with it. If there is something she is not satisified with, it is done over again.

    It is hard to explain, but no amount of money could make up for the simple joy of earning a'good boy' from Mistress, and being allowed to kiss her foot.

    Often I hear Mistress talking with friends. She has made the comment that many women would jump at the chance of having a usbmissive husband if they really understood how the relatisonhip worked. Last week I heard her telling a freind that men make excellent servants when well trained and disciplined. Just knowing that Mistress was talking about me made me feel proud.

    For quite a while after the start of our femdom marriage I struggled with the lack of persoanl freedom. No longer could I go and come as I wished, or spend money on things I wanted. It took me several years to get use to being kept on a leash. The truth is that I love the feeling of control that Mistress has over me. I love the feeling of pleasing Mistress. There is a feeling of contentment that comes with being a slave husband.

    slave john