Thursday, October 21, 2010


I would like my wife to whip me.

Now why?

She said she is not into punishing me. I am not a child.
Now the thought of spanking does turn me on a bit but this is not what I want.
I want her to really punish me.
I want to go past the point of a turn on.
I want it to be much much more painful.
I want to be so totally focussed on living through the pain.

Now this is not like a child who is forced to be punished.

I want it to happen.
I want it to happen in response to me doing something wrong.
I would like it to be such that if I do the same thing wrong again, that I will submit myself for furher punishment.
I want it to be a motivation not to do that behaviour again.

In a way, I would like there to be a carrot for good behaviour and the stick for bad behaviour.
The obvious carrot is sex I guess
The obvious stick is the whipping.

Pretty weird hey.


  1. Interesting. That's exactly what I want from my wife. Not weird at all. I just wish I could find a way to get my wife to do it.

    She gets upset when I've brought it up. I wish she could understand why I want it, and how it would be a gracious act on her part to punish me, or how much I'd love her for doing it.

  2. tell her you will wear a chastity device, buy it first