Tuesday, October 26, 2010

getting rid of clutter

One of my frustrations is the amount of clutter round our house.

Every cupboard. Every bench top is just full of junk. My wife is a hoarder. Actually so am I.

This morning, I was in a bad mood. Rather than toss and turn in bed, I got up and decided to clean up the kitchen benches. The added complication here is that I do not want to annoy her by moving things.

Eventually I just got two boxes and grabbed handfuls of junk and sorted it into keep and chuck boxes. Then put the chuck box in the bin. Wiped down the bench tops and so on. It looks heaps better. There were many empty bottles and stuff that I am sure she will not be happy I threw out but I am hoping she will get over it.

I am going to work my way through the cupboards in our house, starting with the ones she uses least and to tidy them. I am going to chuck out as much as possible without throwing out her stuff. So far I have no qualms throwing out old phone chargers and batteries and this sort of thing.

Not very sex related I know but I guess not everything revolves around sex. Well it does. My hope is that by getting rid of this clutter it will make our family function better.


  1. I think it shows a lot. You are taking ownership of the cleaning and house work. It is a transition worth noting for sure.

    For me when it happened, my wife too transitioned to looking for fun things she could do while I worked at home keeping She found diet & exercise, and taking trips with friends.

    Anyway, I remember it as a big step for me in retrospect.

  2. Thanks subservient-husband.

    I really value your comments and I love your blog.


  3. I can relate. Our house has a lot of clutter. I didn't think I was a "neat freak" but I was speaking with someone from college and she said that I was one of the neater people she knew.