Friday, October 22, 2010

Massage plus

Well an amazing night and morning.

Having written what I posted yesterday, I went home and tried to be especially good. No going and watching TV as soon as I got home. Helped her with preparing dinner.

She anounced, as she does, that she was going out for an appointmet to have her legs waxed at 8pm. Normally this lack of notice would have anoyed me but I used it as motivation for me to give extra help to get kids bathed and homework done and into bed so that she could leave without feeling like there were lots of things un done. After the last kid was in bed and we done prayers and bed time reading I actually felt quite refreshed. A second wind. Mind you the little power nap that I managed while lying on one of the kids beds helped.

Into the kitchen and did the washing up. As I often do but this time, I made sure that it was all done, dried and put away and the sink was emptied and wiped down. No loose ends.

Eventually she came home. Turned out she had dropped in on a friend. She asked if I would like a massage and then said that she was asking because she wanted one. Well as you can imagine I was more than willing to give her a massage and as I was not really in need of one, I suggested we go straight to giving her one.

Wen I entered the bed room she was getting the bed ready in just her panties. No top on. mmmm. Very unusual. Normally she gets straight into her pj's.

She lay on her front and she had a bottle of oil. Now its ages and ages since we have done this so I was somewhat rusty and feeling my way along. Poured some cold oild on her. Not so good. Should pour it on my hands and rub them together to warm up the oil. Anyay she talked to me as we went along and that was great. Telling me where itworked and how hard to push. Finally she drifed off to sleep and I lay back quite content. At one stage she offerred a quickie but I was not in that head space.

This morning, I woke early and she was OK with a bit of snuggling and we had a short but interesting discussion where she told me that she was slightly turned on and that there are times when she gets this way but then finds me grumpy and so does not tell me so of course it does not get anywhere - Communication.

Anyway, I began to gently touch her on her bottom. She rolled onto her front. Eventually my hand inside her panites from the back round to stimulating her clittorous. Then she put her hands in from the front and touched her self. As she did that I started to put my fingers further into her. She thrusted some and asked how I would like her to cum and I said like this and so she kept going and then she came. I felt good. She felt good and relxed.

We lay there for a while.

Then she offerred sex. I smiled and said not now. I was not in that head space as I enjoyed being totally focussed on her pleasure and just being amazed at what a great night and morning it had been.

Got up went to work and just had to log on and write this.


  1. sounds nice. glad you two enjoyed.

    p.s. always warm oil b4 appling to skin. I found a massage book helpful too until I got the sequences down for the different parts of her body.

  2. Thanks,
    Your encouragement is greatly appreciated.

  3. IAAH (I am a submissive husband),

    I am a bit curious about your "I'm not in the right head space" comment. How does your wife accept it? Is this code speak between the two of you that tells her that your are not feeling very submissive and would rather postpone your satisfaction till later? Does she see that as "nudging" her in a directions that she does not want to go?

    - Occam's Razor

  4. Hi Occam's Razor

    "I'm not in the right head space" comment....

    Her position is that her giving me sex is giving me a gift. Its like at the moment we have two leaders and to submissives. By that I mean, in a way I am leading. I am leading the relationship down a path to where she is a the leader and I am the submissive.

    In particular though, because I was concentrating on getting her turned on, I was not myself actually wishing to orgasm. In fact I would like her to control when I have orgasm and also to use that control as a tease and as a form of bribery. We will have to see how this develops

  5. Perhaps declining sex when she offers it - whatever her motivations - sends her the message that even though you want her to be in charge you are still the one in control?

  6. Hi Naked Husband,

    good point about me being still in control and one that I am trying to catch myself on and stop doing of course.