Friday, October 29, 2010

just another night

Got home from work a few minutes late. Dinner not ready. Normally this would anoy me. I just smiled and kissed wife and kids. Decided best not to step in and finish dinner as this might cuase the wife to feel judged. Went to the fridge and chose a bottle of white wine and poured her a glass.

After dinner I did the washing up. Most of the washing up was done before putting the kids to bed. After we had done that, she started doing the remainder of the washing up. I gently suggested that I would do that to free her up to do other things. That turned out to be sewing a fancy dress costume for one of our kids.

Having finished the washing up, and making sure the kitchen was neat and all the benches wiped down, I chose to tidy the top of the side board in the dining room. This is cluttered with years of old school photos, photos in frames, 8x10 prints of school photos, about half a dozen 3rd world kids that we sponsor through world vision, school reports, various art treasures created by kids so long ago that even they have forgotton, candles, innumerble batteries. I pulled all the small photos and put them in an album. All the larger photos and school reports were gathered and I slipped them into a book case while noting that I really need a file for each child. Batteries and other junk was just binned. Then the remainder considered too hard right now was left there. Personally I would de frame all the photos and put them in albums too because they take less room but we will leave that because she may see that as threatening.

Turned down the bed. Put the water on the bed side table. Noted no TV tonight. turned on her bedside light. Hopped into bed.

After she hopped into bed I asked if she wanted to get turned on. She said for me to put my hand on her leg. This is a good sign. Then she took off her panties and asked me to come down on her. I went as gently as I could. Then I was careful not to lay all my weight on her. I was suspicious that she was not turned on but just wanted me to cum. Something I do not want to do as I have described elsewhere, I want to focus on getting her turned on. But I also want her to actively lead at least in the sex department. I tried to tell her that and said that I wanted her to cum and that I would like her to roll us over so she is on top. She did that, I think somewhat reluctantly anyway eventually she came and then rolled us back and told me to cum. So I did although I would have found it more of a turn on if she had said "that was good now yu hold off till I want you next."



  1. have you spoken to her about the idea of disparity in your two's sex (i.e. she get all she wants and you get less)?

    I know this is a ways down the road, but I never now ask my wife to do anything sexual. I am passive. She prompts me to when she wishes. She too goes through times when she does not ask, and I have found when I am prolong chaste, it does not bother me that I am in a a qusi-sexless relationship during those times.

    anyway, that is how it is over here.

  2. Hi subservient-husband,

    Yes we have had a few discussions.

    I think she thinks a few thing.
    a. That men need a physical release
    b. That she is showing her love for me by lettingme have sex with her even when she is not turned on.
    c. In the past, if I have not gotten sex for a week then I tend to get grumpy or short tempered and she does not like that so gives me sex to protect her self from having a grumpy boy around.
    d. She talks about this idea of equality which I have never subscribed to in the way I think she is thinking.

    I think I could go without sex provided she acknowledged me need. By that I mean if each night or day, some time, she would ask how I am going with my abstinance.

    To me what I seek more that the act its self is
    1 inimacy
    2 Acknowledge of my existance.
    3 That I am important to her.
    4 As a bonus, appreciation for the work I was doing. but this in its self is actually not so important.