Sunday, October 24, 2010

A night out and the morning after

We went clubbing last night. A group of middle aged couples. Had a bit to drink. Enough for the girls to get giggly. Had a great time dancing although it is interesting to compare the type of music and the number of people dancing.

I tried to keep a balance between dancing with her, which she like, and giving her space. One time before when we had done this sort of night out, she had kissed a girl on the lips and gotten quite passionate with her. The girl was one of the other wives from our group. This had turned both of us on and so this time, I tried to give her space to do this again but nothing came of it. I even at one stage whispered to the other lady that I was OK with what happened last time and she responded positively with a comment that she knew I enjoyed it and that I would have to work harder this time. I took that to mean buy her a drink, which I did but anyway it was not something that could be forced. At one stage I left the dance floor and sat and watched and my wife danced with some random guys.

Got home round 4am. Helped my wife get undressed and into bed. She was tired and not interested in sex and drifted off to sleep. Now ordinarily this would have frustrated me immensely but in my new head space, I just drifted off to sleep.

This morning, she snuggled up to me and I tentatively caressed her back. She put my hand on the top & back of her leg. Good sign. Gradually this once again lead to us mutually masturbating her. Then after just a few minutes she asked me to go inside her. I did this gently and then rolled her over so she was on top. This turned me on and I really enjoyed getting her stimulated like that. She got quite animated and with me trying desperately not to cum, she came then she rolled us both back so I was on top and said "I want you to cum" so I did. This whole thing was a huge turn on for me.

So amazingly since I have started this blog, which she knows nothing about, and since I have consciously decided to try to act submissively around her, we have had great sex in two days. Whereas previously we went for months with crap sex that usually involved me forcing my self on her. Brace yourself we would joke.

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