Saturday, October 30, 2010


I wonder how people find this blog.

When I type submissive husband blog into google, I find as the second hit. But how do even get my blog to appear on the radar.

Why do I want others to find it? Well as a sort of personal validation I think. I am sort of scared of the path I am going down and also although I crave being submissive to my wife I am also scared of loosing power. Scared of being totally under her control. Which is weird.

I am also interested in advice on how to get her to come around to being willing to be in control.

My current plan is to keep being submissive and doing things for her for about a month and then I think write her a letter outlining how I feel and what I am looking for and to try to let her know that it is OK for her to be selfish in the bed room. bla bla bla.


  1. great plan. Best wishes.

    as to google, if the blog I do is #2, you are on it too because if someone goes to mine, they have a link to yours. The stats come with more posts because you get key words loaded into their systems.


  2. I found your blog through subservient husband's link. I read his blog periodically. I started my blog as a way to post my thoughts and I found I enjoyed doing it, especially finding relevant photos. My wife reads it but has not yet commented on it (although she has given me verbal comments). I "started out" by joining website but got a little bored with it and found that I liked reading blogs more.

  3. I found your site though sub husband's. Thanks for maintaining this blog.

  4. I also found your blog by way of the S-H blog. It is one of my wife's favorites.

    I can't tell you how to introduce your wife to the idea of FLM. I am the perfect example of doing it all wrong. Fortuantely, by some miracle, it all worked out well.

    As a rule Mistress does not allow me too much computer time. Today, she is in the city having lunch with a few of her girl friends. On the way out she gave me the day off from chores, and gave me permission to play on the computer.
    People who read her blog don't realize how sweet and caring Mistress really is to me. Most of them only see the discipline and punishment.


  5. >Most of them only see the discipline and punishment.

    Which in its self is a acknowledgment of your existence and the thought of it happening, of her taking the time to do it, the intimacy, is a great turn on for me.

  6. Like others i found yur blog through Subservient Husband's great blog.

    I myself am less interested in the BSDM side of Wife led Marriages[WLM]. And more interested in the relationship side and the everyday aspects.

    So itend to google "wife led marriage" alongside terms like "housework" .Things like that .Thats how i found a few great blogs.

    I have found that the realistic blogs[like your own] are far more interesting then the ones that deal with bsdm fantasy.

    To get read morei would try to link with other blogs." Her Majesty's Plaything " is a great blog. Wife Worshipper's blog and Femdom 101 are both greatblogs.They dont have links.But if you comment there , others will see your name.Plus both would probably be informative and interesting to you.

    Good luck

  7. first thing you should do is create a "blog list" of blogs you read. I assume that you read blogs that pertain to your interest in FLR's? Makes sense anyway. Add these similar blogs to the blog list on your page and when other bloggers (like myself) check their stats, they will see referrals from your blog and most likely come over and check it out. This is the way I have added most of the blogs to my blog list. I found it following a blog link that showed up on my stat tracker which in turn led me to subserviant's blog and then to yours. I will add a link to your blog on my site to give you a hand. Good luck my friend.

  8. I just found your blog. I like it very much.
    I too have submissive feelings and I try to please my Wife whenever I can by taking over some domestic chores. She however doesn't want to consider our relationship as a D/s one. I am happy I can tell you, that gradually She is accepting my service as a matter of fact. She always leaved the washing up for me. She doesn't like shopping, so I do the household shopping.
    As to sex, I am impotent, but I try to serve Her orally and manually, but I never know if She will allow me to do so. Of course I love it when She will touch my genitals, even while being impotent, but when She accepts my service without reciprocating I am very excited.

    Go on blogging. I love it.