Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Other Players, Mariage drift etc
is an article where he talks about getting turned on thinking about his wife with another man and a few other things. Included are how mariages drift apart and so on.

Got me thinking and I know that is where we are at.

My wife is busy busy busy with her own stuff. She gets her satisfaction there and home life is just a chore for her. Sex has gone by the by as far as she is concerned.

So what keeps us together?
The kids
A sort of plutonic love for each other.
Lazy sex on my part.
Convienience & lazyness - Can't be bothered to move out.

But its not exciting.

Now on the other person thing, my wife has on one occasion kissed another woman in front of me. This is pretty much the only kinky thing she has ever done. I mean kissed tongue and all. She was turned on by it and I know I sure was.

I do not see it as a threat whereas I could I suspect be jelous of her and another man. Not sure actually.

The key thing is if she did it secretly then I would feel jelous. If she was up front about it, I would especially in the case of another woman be very turned on.

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  1. I intend to post about my thoughts on my wife with another man. I would probably lose it if my wife kissed another woman - HOT. I did tell her that it would really turn me on to watch her have sex with another man. I just wouldn't want it to be secretive.