Saturday, October 23, 2010

Getting started

Last night (Friday night) we were both out. My wife leads a youth group at our church and I had gone down to help with some technical stuff. I then came home, put the kids to bed & did some cleaning up at home.

The church thing may be an issue when it comes to her taking the lead. By this I mean, she already leads but if anyone asked she would say that I lead. I don't and I actually find that what she is doing is quite frustrating. The problem is that the bible was written at a time when the man was the head of the house and so there is a bit of history to overcome.

Its Saturday morning.
The wife is in bed.
I have gotten up early to be ready to make breakfast for the kids when they wake and so the wife gets to sleep in with out me tossing and turning.

I have spied some dirty dishes on the coffee table in the lounge that I missed when I cleaned up last night. So I will wash them up quietly.

Tonight all the kids are being babysat elsewhere and we are going out with friends partying. Pretty weird us middle ages ones going to night clubs and staying out till 3 or 4 in the morning.

So on my to do list for today is
Make breakfast.
Check my suit. I think I am supposed to buy a bow tie to match her dress.
That may mean a quick trip to the shops.
Clean up house.
Get kids bags packed for sleepovers.
remember tooth brushes & pj's.
have a rest in the early afternoon so I stay awake to look after her while we are out all night.
Do washing and hang it out and bring it in.

There's a list now lets get on with it.



    here is a post about historical perspective on female leadership. I do not think it is so much the situation during biblical times, but the patriarchal society we are waning out of and how it interrupts the bible. For instance, St. Paul says for wives to obey your husbands, but also goes on to say for slaves to obey your masters. I do not see him condoning slavery, nor patriarchy, but him suggesting that Christians need not over through accepted societal standards. If woman are expected to obey, then do so, but know equality is the true Christian virtue.

    My personal view is if a husband and wife enjoy each other, it is a gift. Society forcing a standard on a husband and wife is a burden.


  2. IAAH,

    My wife is a youth group leader in our church as well, and I know that my desire for a bdsm/wlm marriage conflicts with her notion of a Catholic marriage. This is one, if not the only, fundamental reason that impedes her acceptance this lifestyle.

    I have learned (the hard way) that wives want to be respected as complete individuals, and not as a simple outlet for bdsm/wlm fantasies. Now we, as men, understand that, but when we have been kink starved for so long - it's easy to see how a wife might interpret that as a one tracked mind.

    -- Occam's Razor

  3. Hi subservient-husband & Occam's Razor,

    Thanks for the comments. I agree with all of them.

    I think there may be a whole post required just to deal with the thoughts that are raised