Saturday, February 23, 2013

A lovely evening and morning

She arrived home last night looking very sexy and young in a pair of denim short shorts.

I had spent the evening cleaning.  So the kitchen looked good.

It was late and she wanted a shower as she was a bit grotty.  With a smile on her face, she put her arms in that air and said "un dress me".  So I did.  Took it slow, kissed her and aletrnated between a top and a bottom.  Reisted the temptation to 'feel her up'.

She had her shower and I hopped into bed.  (Glass of water on her bed side table of course).

She came to bed and somewhere along the line I asked if I could put plastic pants on and she said only if you don't cum.  That was nice to hear and so I put them on.

We engaged in some intimate cuddling and then went to sleep.

In the morning again we cuddled but aso some nice talk.

She like cuddling and I thik in general finds it rewarding.  Like she likes orgasm but I think that requires the right head space and also it takes effort on her part whereas cuddling does not.

A big bonus we talked.

I decided to tell her that I had been looking on the internet for information about abstinance.  I said that there were all sorts of people and relationships.
I mentioned the catholic natural family planning people and said that I found it quite exciting in a way the way the women were talking about helping their husbands to abstain.

I think that taling with her that there were other christians where the wife was dominant sexually to a more or less a degree was interesting.

She suggested that she also abstain for lent.

I said to her that for me to abstain was hard but my observation was that for her to abstain was easy and therefore did not really sync with the lent idea.  I said that from my point of view what would be nice would be for us to use this time to build intimacy.  So if hegging was what she really liked that we should do more of that but it would be great to leave the path open for her to orgasm if she felt that things were right.

BTW I still had the plastic pants on and a few times I rubbed myself but did not cum.

I had mentioned to her when talking about the catholic NFP people that one wife had forbidden her husband to do any trusting or grinding. and that she had now been abstinant for several years.

She said that maybe we should try no plastic pants and no thrusting for a week and see how I go.  So we will see whether that happens.  I will find that quite tough as I have been finding having physical attention from her to be great.  In particular having her grab my hard penis and dig her nails in and also pinching and putting some clothes pegs on my breasts.  I think I use the physical pain as a way to get over the need to orgasm.  I suspect that as I get over the two week hump of pressure that the need for these distractions may be less and perhaps I could transition to no humping.  Or perhaps a variant is no humping but for her to inflict some pain.  We will have to experiment.

Anyway it was a wonderful start to the day.

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