Thursday, February 7, 2013


Mr Subservient Husband has an interesting article here
where he says " I do find journaling to be a therapeutic exercise, but only if I am open and honest. That is my continued goal"

and that I think is very true for me too.

I use this blog as a place to pour out my heart which maybe is why it is probably a bit negative.

I also write my opinions and thoughts.  I often wish for more feedback but that it appears is not reality.  However I do really really appreciate the feedback that I do get.


  1. I blog because in spite of doing some very kinky things and being married for 15+ years, my wife still refuses to openly discuss sex with me. My blog was intended to be a non-threatening way to communicate my sexual desires to her. I also like hearing about others' sexual experiences.

    She has had polar opposite views of the blog, ranging from extreme suspicion that I am somehow screwing her over to OMG, I gave you a fantastic sexual experience, just why in the heck did you not blog about it immediately? I don't know about others, but a typical post takes me 30-40 minutes to write. My wife will split hairs and read into what I say, so I have to make sure there is as little room as possible for interpretation. And then she is also a lot of times indifferent. It still bothers me that she REFUSES to comment on my blog. Occasionally, I will get some verbal feedback but a lot of times she is biased at being negative. To sum up, my wife's expectations are capricious.

    Some times, it seems like she is more interested in others' comments to my posts than the actual post itself. So, I share your desire for more feedback.

    That notwithstanding, I have always enjoyed writing and my blog is another outlet for that. I would never have known about FLR if not through the web, and I think FLR has made me a better husband. So, even though I still have some dark fantasies, I think it's very much been a net positive for us.

  2. Hi Lovetosubmit,
    Well firstly, thank you for commenting. It is nice to have ones existance noted. :)

    I as I understand you too would like to discuss sexual stuff with my wife. Now that came out wrong didn't it. I mean I would like to discuss with my wife and you with your wife.

    You know "they" say about how men do not share their feeling and us men know exactly why. Share your feelings and ones wife thinks one is a demented pervert. and then they do not talk about their feelings anyway. Somehow they expect us to know. All their girlfriends know so why don't their husbands.